Wednesday, December 20, 2006

MySQL Quiz

A "Test Your Knowledge" quiz of fifty things every MySQL administrator should know is posted on UnixReview and can be found at The answers appear at the end of the quiz.

A New Meaning to CIO

According to Thomas Friedman in The World is Flat, the "I" in CIO could easily come to mean Integration. For thoughts on this, see the latest post in Integration Station on Redmond Magazine at

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Art of Software Security Testing

The newest entry from Symantec's press, The Art of Software Security Testing, has been published and is reviewed at It is a decent book if you need something to convince you that a move from reactive to proactive security is a worthwhile shift.

Review: The Art of Software Security Assessment

A review of the newest Art of Software Security Assessment is now posted on UnixReview and can be found at Weighing in at more than 1100 pages, this book differs from most in that the entire tome is focused on software (in)security. By focusing only on that aspect and being allowed to devote so many pages to it, the authors are able to reach a depth that is rare in today's world of computer book publishing.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Look at the Microsoft/Novell Deal

An article written a few weeks ago - when Microsoft and Novell first announced their deal regarding the promotion of SuSE - is now posted on CertCities and can be found at Some developments have occured since then, but nothing that detracts from the original intent.

Updated View of LPI Level 2 Certification

An updated look at the LPI Level 2 certification is posted on UnixReview and can be found at This article updates the tables that were aging and gives current links to locations where exam study information can be found.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Self-Defending Networks

One of the newest security books from Cisco Press is Self-Defending Networks: The Next Generation of Network Security by Duane De Capite and a review of it can be found at:

Security in Computing review

A review of the 4th edition of Security in Computing by Charels P. Pfleeger and Shari Lawrence Pfleeger can be found at There are two broad categories of security books: 1) those that focus on one small topic/solution and the implementation of it, and 2) those that provide an overview of all aspects of computer security. The fourth edition of Security in Computing falls into the latter category, and I must honestly say there isn't a more complete and up-to-date title filling this niche that I am aware of.